Who We Are

The Terrafirma team is built of  experienced and tenacious professionals who are all working together in an effort to build the highest quality and most positively reputable commercial real estate company in Arizona.

We take genuine pride in our work and the relationships that stem from the business we conduct.

We are family, and we treat our partners as such. 

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Our Values

Our four core values exemplify what we believe and what we strive for everyday. We continue to hold these values closely, and strive for them to be self evident through our work.

These values can be remembered through the acronym


Strive for Mastery

Our job is to be a resource. The more we know, the better we can serve our clients. If we're not improving, we're recessing.

Care Like an Owner

Being a family run business, we know what it means to be an owner. 

We treat our clients as partners.


When we approach a problem, we seek first to thoroughly and objectively understand the problem. We then create the best possible solution using the resources and people at our disposal. A problem is only a problem without a solution.

Win as a Team

The goal of our team is to work synergistically to leverage each members' talents in order to achieve something much greater than the abilities of each individual alone. 

Meet The Team


Terrafirma is growing in more ways than one.  In order to continue providing extraordinary service to our partners, we are seeking extraordinary people who are eager to grow with us and make the MOST out of  their careers and lives.  If you believe you are that person, click below to get started.